Saturday, July 31, 2010

No help from the human.

So, not so much writing in the morning. It's Saturday, after all, after a week that was sort of a stress cocktail. So after four days of putting up posters, calls, worry, self-recrimination and walking, I'd begun tell myself I'd let go. But stopping to look out every window I passed said otherwise.
Then our neighbor called to say she'd seen Soosi at her front door. She was okay! She was near! We could catch her again! Somehow. We set out two traps--one with tuna and one with salmon. Being me, I managed to get my clothes fairly inoculated with fish juices. And possibly my hair. And in the desert heat, it didn't take long for the scents to get pretty interesting. Soosi touched every part of the outside of the traps and even managed to snag a bit of fish through the bars, but she wouldn't enter either. It made us wonder----the tip of her tail is crooked--looks as though it was broken when she was barely a handful of kitten.
Finally, Spencer convinced me to let it go for the night. He sung "Little Bo Peep." He tends to be of the sort that believes in things working out the way they should. I tend to be the fool trying to control her universe. I relented. I was tired and hot and smelly. I went out to retrieve the trap from our neighbor's yard. She met me there and just as I reached her, she said, "Well. would you look at that." Soosi had followed me there and waited just behind me. She ran away when I turned, but I was elated. Possibly she hadn't forgotten me or at least the stench was working.
I came home, showered and we sat watching television with the front door open. Moments later, Soosi cautiously ventured in. Eventually, she was batting at my feet and suddenly, in my lap.

Now it's time for a glass of Merlot and for putting stuff into my brain instead of squeezing stuff out. And petting. I'd better enjoy. I've got lots of work ahead of me, silly human.


Kelly said...

Good, happy story.

Melissa P said...

You know what I like best about this story--that you were being true to your nature and Soosi was being true to hers and it still worked out in the end. Enjoy the now!

crydwynn said...

That is the way of some cats. All must be on their time and by their rules. Little imps. Glad she's home safe.

Syd said...

I'm so very glad to hear that Soosi is back home! (Also to hear that the Untouchable Tortie is apparently feeling so proprietary about y'all--it seems a good sign.)

Just tell me you patched up that hole in the wall...