Monday, July 19, 2010

nearly august

It's Monday.

Not your typical Monday, I suppose, unless you work at home. It's the heat. It's getting to me. It does every summer and this summer is no exception.

I watch too much news, true. I watch too many science shows. Also true. Then there's the web searching--every topic is its own rabbit hole.

Then she sort of wandered away...

Ok. Now it's Tuesday evening. Please forgive my absence. It's the heat. I think things, but before they get written down they're vaporized by the heat. And that's inside. Outside I mostly just hear a ringing Noooooooooooooo!
Been here.
Done this.
It's the desert. Summer's running right into hell season. We're doing okay, but not okay enough to get us all out of here. It's winter in Minnesota on opposite day. Can't leave, so we adjust and adapt.The pool water is 90+ degrees, but it's pretty good for night swimming.
Same thing though---persistent every summer is the question. At what point will we be unable to adjust and adapt to this climate?

It seems to me that this desert would be a good place for makers and innovators to create living spaces suited to this place. To develop more and better tools for using wind and solar power.
Possibly they're here, but I'm not seeing them.

That's it. I must stay on the surface. Keep things simple. I'll spend some time under the fan, and try again tomorrow.


Kelly said...

This summer I feel like I have the reverse of the normal seasonal depression that usually attacks people in the likes of Minnesota during the long, drawn out winters.

The heat and unbearable afternoons. I will blame them for not allowing me enough safe sun exposure.

J.W.B. said...

Your summer in the desert is giving me new perspectives on my summer here. Its 70's and 80's outside and it's feeling chilly

I think I might be able to work with the blog and facebook pics of "Night Bird" as a guide if you can't find the other pics...I will have to test it out.

spacedlaw said...

The desert gets in your bones the same way a myriad of creatures have lent their bones to the desert. Can you hear it sing with the voice of the disappeared trees and creatures?

Trying to send you cooling thoughts but it's very hot in Rome too (though possibly our 104 F would still seem a breeze to you)