Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday, 105, more cat games

It was a little cooler today---105 or so with clouds. Still oppressive, but the work I've been doing is of the sea, and wind and bits of autumn. It helps, but I'm still affected by summer. I don't even have the motivation to get into the water. Aubrey theorizes that we forget summer when it's over, the way we forget pain. That might explain why people stay in the desert. I still hope for this place, that technology and money will be put into solar, wind and design for living here.

Have you been following the greening of the Empire State building? Pretty interesting stuff, and hopeful. We've been taking our own small steps in this house, and also in the studio, experimenting with natural casting products and reducing our footprint. It's a process that takes effort and motivation. Not so much immediate gratification. Then, it's immediate gratification that helped put us here. Time for changing.

Our neighbor phoned last night at about 9:30 to say Soosi was in her front hedge. Yay! We tried to coax her with food and she did actually eat from a small dish in our yard. But there was no catching her, especially with the Tortie chasing her away when she got close to the house. Too many hedges and hiding places. Frustrating, but we were very happy to see her well and staying so close. It may be another long night of cat games. Still, there were moments, sitting there in the quiet darkness, that were meditative and peaceful.

Now for food. I'll need the energy for tonight. Will let you know how it goes.

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Carl V. Anderson said...

Aubrey's theory is right on...although I think my memory is still a bit too sharp and I carry some of these painful memories throughout the year. "Oppressive" is a great word, July has truly been an oppressive month with heat and humidity. I haven't felt this run down, worn out, disinterested and, well, oppressed, in I am not sure how long. Although temperatures won't see any positive changes, I'm so glad that it is almost August as that means that September will soon be around the corner and my weather-based mood will be improved.