Thursday, July 29, 2010

Current Somethings

I find myself in familiar, hateful territory. This is the time of year when the desert sky is blinding, the ground is too hot to touch and many of us hide indoors feeling heavy and slow. Orion is spending a vacation week with his dad and Soosi, our little wild kitten, found a small hole long hidden by a desk and escaped back into the outside where, apparently, she wanted to be. We spent the last several days giving her photo and our number to neighbors, calling the shelters and walking, walking, walking. There's no finding a cat who doesn't know it wants to be found. We spotted the tortie several times, but no kitty.
Finding the hole may have solved the bunny mystery (two small ones got into the house last year) and saved a bit more energy. Assured that we've done all we can, we've decided to stop kicking ourselves, but we're feeling the pain of having loved and lost. No warm fuzzy feelings for us today.

What would Poppet say? You know. Take a step back for perspective. It's awfully hot lots of places. Everyone has hurdles, hurts, obstacles, losses. It seems that these days most of us live on the edge of worry.

It's always something. We live these old expressions, then we understand them.

I'm going to do what I do at the end of every summer---propel myself into an October state of mind. My head space is ready. Now to prepare my work space and the shop. I've created a category for Halloween and one for the Poppets that are retiring. It seems a difficult time to implement new visions. Then again, maybe this is exactly right.

What's your current something? What will you do about it?


J.W.B. said...

Halloween animation planning will do just the trick to further bring the Halloween mood in ;)

My current something is a dead animal somewhere in the attic or walls and it's making my room smell like rotting corpse. It's awful, but somehow I can stand it (barely) and others refuse to even go in my room because they have has enough before they entered. I suppose this comes from liking dead things and Tim Burton movies...unusual but there you go. My dad will hopefully be able to vanquish the corpse tomorrow. Then I can go back to trying to animate anime, then Halloween planning can really get rolling! :D

J.W.B. said...

Also I don't think the Poppets have seen me this irritated...I am quite positive the Zombie Poppets are getting a kick out of my situation. lol

mordicai said...

This effing cut n' paste job.

Melissa P said...

I'm so sorry about Soosi. Hang in there through the debilitating heat.

crydwynn said...

I close all the curtains from about 11am to 5 or 6pm and hide from the light. Even my dogs sleep and lay low during this time. Summer is not a good time for me either and I'm in Virginia, much easier to bare than your desert. I need a place where summer is kinder,cooler and shorter so I can appreciate it more. My something is many things and all of them and the weight of the heat are pressing down hard on me this week. It's not forever, I'll wallow for a day or two and pull myself out of it as usual. The dogs help. Hard to be sad and hiding with a happy dog bouncing around and being a clown.

Anonymous said...

Soosi wants to be wild---but she can find you if she needs or wants. You are favored for having the love of a wild creature.

Stacey said...

I sympathize with you on the heat. I don't do heat well - it gives me migraines, and I get overheated very easily. I'm lucky to live in the Pacific NW, where we have very few days that even make it into triple digits.

Nice to see a touch of October.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Continuing on the back of my comment on the post after this one, my current "something" is an oppressive lethargy and what I'm going to do about it is kick its ass. I'm truly tired of feeling this way and its time to take control of the situation. Since I cannot control the weather I've got to find a way to not let it control me.

Megan D said...

My something is attempting to get my head around finishing the homework required to sit my assessment for the makeup course I started 6 weeks before my partner almost died in a light plane crash.

Although it desperately needs to be done, and I have a very small time frame to do it in, I simply can't find the energy to place it on such high priority.

It's a lovely sunny winters day here in Western Australia. I'd rather be gardening.