Thursday, July 22, 2010


Summer rages on. This is Soosi, an abandoned, feral kitten newly rescued by Aubrey, who phoned me first thing this morning. She told me very simply, "I finally caught your kitten. Bring Neosporin."

Our Untouchable Tortie still won't let us near her, but seems content to hang out in the greenhouse and eat the food we provide. Maybe, in time, she'll learn to trust us. It's a sort of understanding.

Soosi and I bonded quickly and already she's had a nap on my pillow, purring happily in my ear. There's a cat in this house and, on this summer evening, our world feels right.


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous kitten - you could get lost forever looking into those eyes.

Melissa P said...

Happy news! Cats do seem to alter the balance of a home--and all for the better. I'm still holding out hope for Untouchable Tortie.

ravyn said...

Yeap, that kitteh looks like she belongs there at PoppetCentral!