Monday, August 02, 2010


Soosi is settling in. I promise not to ply you with cat photos. Mostly this one is to celebrate the end of kitty drama and getting back to making art.

The Halloween Shop is now open.

There's a new section for special sales and retiring poppets.

Having fun with costume designs.

The poppet-who-lives-on-my-desk says the goldfish is depressed. Poppets' jokes tend to be mostly of that sort.
Sea Breeze happened because I wanted one. It felt good too.

We're adjusting to having a kitten in the house. I don't buy cat toys. There's just no topping a ball of yarn on a hardwood floor.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. g'night


Kelly said...

Hip hip hooray and a celebratory shout for the end of the kitty drama, and any other drama for that matter!

J.W.B. said...

Happy to see Soosi is settling in well! As you know, loving the Halloween shop so far...! I am already sensing the Halloween feeling just around the bed...already decorated a little because I couldn't wait and the Halloween things had no where else to go! lol

Hatty said...

Poppet is not joking - I totally believe that goldfish can become depressed! I had a pair several years ago and when one of them unexpectedly died, the survivor stopped eating and swimming until I got him a new friend. After that - such happiness!

Delighted to see cat, and art; and SALE!!

spacedlaw said...
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spacedlaw said...

But I'd love some kitty pictures too!
And art as well, of course.