Saturday, August 28, 2010

Looking for Autumn

Had a slow Friday. Was exactly what was needed. Spend the day hand-sculpting while watching silliness on cable. Tried to get photos of Soosi, but she was in full wild-kitten mode, so I got a dozen gray blurs.

Had some fun with this photo. It felt good to work on something just for entertainment. This is important for us, to play at our crafts. Most of us rarely do. We're driven by deadlines and worry. These last two years have left little time for play. When I do have a little time, I tend to spend it with Orion. I'm not doing myself any favors if I don't play. It's important to the care and feeding of our brains to play in all its rooms, including the ones specifically for 'the zone' of video games and other activities (like playing with photoshop) that exercise that area.

And I made the first of the Autumn Poppets. Different room, but important also to get lost in the details once in a while. To let go of other things and concentrate on one small thing.

Glow in the dark is always fun. I will always be a child when it comes to glow in the dark.
Today Spencer and I are going for a drive. Just a little change in scenery and higher elevations can be rejuvenating.

This is the way we near-crazy desert people survive the last weeks of brutal summer. I watch the news enough to know we have a lot of company this year. If you're feeling it, do what you need to now to refresh yourself. Before it gets you.

Have a great Saturday.


Melissa P said...

Great advice. All of it. Very important not to forget the easily neglected rooms. I especially like the idea of wild kitten energy running through everything.

Have a great time getting away from the heat and the desert floor.

Carl V. Anderson said...

"I'm not doing myself any favors if I don't play"

what a great, true mantra. Something that is too easy to forget as the world spins out of control and our daily lives seem to be spinning with it.

That top picture of Soosi is fantastic.

And as your post title indicates, I too am looking for Autumn...desperately!!!