Friday, September 11, 2009

survivor inspiration?

Tonight I am amazed at my own tenacity.

On Monday I became suddenly and violently ill. Thought it was food poisoning.
Oh, the fun of it.

I won't dwell on details, was very bad.

I slept all of Tuesday.

On Wednesday Orion became ill. I took him directly to urgent care. With quick meds, his was much shorter, but he is seven and sixty five pounds, and well, there you are. Upon our return from the doctor, I learned Spencer had taken ill as well.
(As of now, no one else I know has. though I was told by the school that many have.)

Now Orion is sleeping. He's much better, but not completely, and all our days and nights are upside down from it.

Everyone is mostly better. Yesterday and today were spent cleaning and disinfecting EVERYTHING, 10% bleach means 'die you little fuckers!'
Soups and juices and Gatoraide. No one is much interested in food yet.

It was so difficult, these last few days, trying to care for others, take care of things when still feeling weak and tired. Everything seemed an act of sheer stubborn will. Like animating a puppet with mind-power. A stiff one, made of lead.

But inspiration comes when it will, as I've known it to do these years. I find myself excited and happy tonight, looking forward to tomorrow, to painting. It's Saturday, so being off schedule won't matter terribly.

Possibly I'm grateful to have survived. Possibly inspiration is a normal result of recovery.

At any rate, while sitting with Orion, when, yesterday? I looked through the images posted on Poppets On Tour. Some of you have been having a great deal of fun with Poppets.

These are a few that snagged my attention. There are many, many good photos up there, some thought-provoking, some that cracked me up.I won't try to force Blogger to line up titles with the photos, but the author and title should appear when you run your mouse over them.

Another September 11 has come and gone. I remembered, then went on. The world is a different place entirely. Sometimes I feel not much a part of it and other times I know I'm not.

Tomorrow I'm going back to work, where I belong.


Holly said...

that reminds me, I still haven't uploaded my Alaskan POT photos from May. I'm so very far behind in everything I'm almost ready to give up trying to catch up.

Stacey said...

LOL! Imagine my surprise when I opened the post and saw my Shaqie-pants' little yowly face. He cracks me up. Glad you liked him too.

Stacey said...

Hope you're feeling 100% better, and the kiddo and Spencer too.

ravyn said...

Earlier tonight i took my last dose of the (5-day) z-pack. Cough is still there, but today at least i was feeling a little clearer in the airways. Earlier this week i was wheezing which is not good for me.

Sooooo maybe it's just working more slowly this time around. i hope so cause this cough is OLD!

(uh, i guess i'm so tired that i forgot to click PUBLISH!)

Ed said...

M'lady, I'm really glad to hear that you, Orion and Spencer are/have recovering/red fine. But I confess that reading through the post made my stomach icy. Hope you all make a full recover. Any idea on what have caused it?

But you can't imagine my surprise when my attention re-focused on the pictures and there was the Professor and his autoclave! He and Doc Brown are taking good care of the lab these days. I have to register more of their adventures. As Stacey, I'm extremely glad that you liked him.

WV: restyle

Oh my. We all definitely need some restyling from time to time.

spacedlaw said...

I hope you are completely recovered by now.

Glad you like The Prisoner.
Did you ever make a cooking poppet?
They would look cute... And I have tons of cook book they would like to hand around with.

Janet said...

I'm glad you and yours are feeling better...and that you liked one of my poppet shots :-)