Sunday, September 20, 2009

Logan's second run, working despite ghosts

She wondered if the rain would start before the boat arrived. The sun hid itself hours ago.

The blackbirds didn't offer a word.

Like old southern families, blackbirds keep their secrets.

She sighed.

Yesterday was Logan's 2nd birthday. Aubrey, Orion and I spent the day with him and other people who love him too. There was amazing cake. Alison made it.

Other stuff happened too, but I'm too tired for talking about it. Besides, I haven't even begun to sort it out yet. I worked on the very-large-even-larger-than-me sculpture. I was very good and took photos. And I finished two very small paintings. The photo above is of one of them.

Time for swimming. Orion is already testing the water. Not much longer, and it will be too cold for comfort. Then it will be time for walking.

I need chocolate.

I wish you a good Monday. Not too bright, not too blue.



guardianalien said...

lovely painting :)

spacedlaw said...

Monday starts in greys
Stylish and complete with tears.
First day of Autumn.

Ed said...

This is the time that I envy those in the northern hemisphere m'Lady.

Here, Spring (also know as Almost Summer ou Not Really Summer) is burning her way to True Summer.

This Monday is devastatingly blue, scorchingly hot and petrifingly bright. (have I spelled those words correctly?)

A late happy birthday to Logan! =]

lisa said...

guardianalien: I'm happy you like it

spacedlaw: oh dear. Our world needs those days too. So we must take our turns. your words are beautifully written

Ed, o Mamute: once again, we take our turns. Having had my turn at that blue, hot and bright, I can know what you're feeling. And you, when my turn comes, will understand why the bright is so frightful. There is comfort in that.

Benton Warren said...

Wow. Nice little painting Lisa! You never cease to amaze my friend...
See ya tomarrow.