Thursday, September 24, 2009

Poppets Are Always ...Watching.

So... Have you picked out your costume yet?
Some of the Poppets were, um, wondering.

Poppets do love Halloween.
For sure.


Jason Erik Lundberg said...

LOL! Oh man, Lisa, these are just awesome. I love the little Rorshach poppet.

Drinne said...

OK -that's really funny - because I've been specifically working on a way to get a replica of the Newsstand into the corner where the park is in Poppetropolis : )

(because there were newstands like that in my neighborhood, natch) now I really want a little "End is Near Poppet" to hang out by it.

Love the Poppet Owlman too.

K said...

Oh, wow. I particularly like Dr Manhattan, though I'm glad you left his funny V-shaped Speedo on.

I am going to a party on 30 October this year, but it's not fancy dress! Missed opportunities, I tell you.

lisa said...

Jason: Hey you! Was just thinking about you the other day. Hope you're doing well. I think he's my favorite too.

Drinne: now you're scaring me. I saw another of those ads for 2012 and made a note to myself: 'make Doom and Gloom Poppet'

K: I've always thought any time of year was appropriate for a fancy dress party, but not to dress up on October 20 is downright wrong. Poppets agree.

Syd said...

Watchmen Poppets: appreciated even by the non-Watchmen-enabled among us! :)

Dan Guy said...

Ha! I love it.

Beez said...

Bwhahahahaha. I love them!

spacedlaw said...

No Ozymandias?

lisa said...

Thanks Syd, Dan Guy and Beez. They were fun to make.

Spaced Law: He's right there---in the purple, second from right