Sunday, September 27, 2009

Poppets Go Rogue

Poppets do love adventures. We all know that. And I've made so many Poppets, I'm like the old woman in the shoe.

Ok. I'm not old. But I've created thousands of Poppets.


And, they're out there. In the World. Having Adventures.

Ravyn sent me a link to this video of Rogue. Poppets show up at about 3:08. Don't skip though--watch the video--it's well done. Hmm. I'm thinking of collaboration... What do you think?
Animation? Ideas? Volunteers?

Poppets love to dance, for sure.

So many adventures.

I think I'll get some sleep. Have a good breakfast and a swim. So much to do.

We have a new Landing Page
It's pretty simple, but takes you to all the important spots. Thanks Ravyn and Kevin.

and The Halloween Sale starts Oct 1st.



Sylvia said...

That is really cool. I got so wrapped up in the music, I forgot that there were poppets and then I clapped in glee when I saw them.

But what IS that melody directly after they circle around? It's driving me mad.

ravyn said...

Sylvia: i think it's the Flight of the Bumblebee :-)

Sylvia said...

No, bah! I mean directly before the poppets, not after them.

The bit where the first few notes of the melody sound like "What do you get when you fall in love" (it's not that though)

ravyn said...

Hmm, i recognize it but can't identify it. In fact, i believe i might have chosen that piece of music as the exit march (or whatever) at my wedding.

There is a list of composers on the info box, Bach Partita maybe? Or Stravinski, hmm, time to go searching!

lisa said...

The music you're wondering about is Pachelbel's Canon

Sylvia said...

That's it!

Thank you Lisa.

K said...

Wow! That's the kind of band I'd like to be in if I was the sort of person who is in a band.

I had Pachelbel's Canon at my wedding too - though to walk in, not out.

The felted Poppet is very cool. By the way, I have been practising my crochet skills ;)