Friday, September 18, 2009

are we there yet?

Have we made it to October?

not quite. But September isn't so bad. There are little signs of Autumn's coming.

Thanks for all your well-spoken ideas about the end of books.
Yikes! Even the phrase makes me shudder.

We'll find a way to evolve along with the medium. Hopefully we'll have some time. Not sure we'll have generations. But then, things change in unexpected ways. We might discover another way to make 'paper.' We expected flying cars and got the pc. We expected walking, talking robots and got the human genome project.
Let's take some good advice from our predecessors, e.g. Ray Bradbury, and wait and see what happens next. It's a pretty good show, sometimes.

Carl made a good point on the book post, about taking photos in progress of the new "larger than me" piece. I'm just getting started on the armature, so took some photos. I'll try. (That's the best I can do right now) to get some photos up of the progress and some notes on the process.

Tomorrow is for Logan's birthday, but on Sunday I'll be building the frame. Right. I'll go get the tripod now.



Syd said...

***must win lottery in next three days...***


I'm looking forward to seeing both the finished large work and the in-progress photos of same. In the meantime, have a lovely b-day celebration.

jordan's mom said...

A friendly reminder to all -

Saturday, 19 September is "National Talk Like a Pirate" Day. Find a matey and swab a deck. Aaaarrgh!!!

lisa said...

syd: if you win the lottery, would you buy me some paste? I'm in the mood to make something BIG.

and. thanks. I'm glad you like it.

jordan's mom: sweet! I mean, yaarrrh!

Syd said...

How about a PASTE FACTORY? :D

Seriously, though, if I am ever lucky enough to win a big enough lottery to do large-economy-size good things, all my artist and musician buds get a cut. The world needs more arts.

***note to self: check CA lottery site; go buy tix***