Monday, May 05, 2008

sun day, wind day, most nearly perfect

Sunday afternoon in the park.

We're here to video and photograph Spencer Anderson and the skateboard he converted for 'land sailing.' We find ourselves distracted by our surroundings.

The mountains are a bit hazy still. Possibly left from the fires just on the other side of the range.

This day, this afternoon, is the avatar of tranquility, beauty, nature and civilization.
Elsewhere, (and elsewhen) things are very, very different. This classic icon, this Sunday Afternoon in the Park doesn't exist in a vacuum.

Instead it lives between much sadness and uncertainty, rare and fragile. We take a moment to appreciate it for what it is.

Mimi Ko and I, with our cameras and without our shoes, capture a bit of it to share.

Three amigos--Zoya and Max and

Kiril and Orion wait for wind, prepare to run behind Spencer as he sails by. Later the footage will be used to create an animated segment for a Poppet-y video to be shown at VCon.

Spencer explains a bit about the physics and principles of land sailing.

He hopes to get others interested. After seeing him in motion, I'm thinking it might be a matter of getting the word out.

It is an extremely cool concept.

Today's work was a sort of practice run, to get a feel for what we're up against.

I'm seeing we're in for some work, and some fun.
I'll keep you posted.

Oh---and of course, none of this human activity is ever lost on our little watchers.

Have a good Tuesday. Take your shoes off.


Rubius said...

hehehehehehe... those poppets are toooooooo cute.

love the pics... what is the purple tree? it is beautiful.

Land sailing sounds like lots of fun.

I appreciate this very much: This classic icon, this Sunday Afternoon in the Park doesn't exist in a vacuum.
Instead it lives between much sadness and uncertainty, rare and fragile.

Thank you for that

Anonymous said...

what a nice way to remember palms springs, seeing my son and his kids having such a beautiful day sharing it together with such a cleverly talented artist as lisa, her little orion and a clear blue sky. how often so many of us forget to appreciate the simply beauty of the wind and sky. will be watching. happy belated birthday orion on the big '5'!!
you all be good and keep having fun
the catwrangler

Dan Guy said...

I've been doing a lot of yard work barefoot lately. I seeded my lawn which Dutch white clover last year and so have a (mostly) thick, soft carpet of green to walk around. Clover is a nitrogen-fixer so I don't have to water it, which is nice. Also we're getting a lot of bees and deer dropping by.

I hated yard work growing up, but now that I get to do it my own way it's not half bad.

lisa said...

rubius: The purple tree is the Jacaranda. It has beautiful bell shaped flowers and seed pods that look like little wings and beg me to make something of them.

I've had an awareness of the fragility of this artificially sustained oasis since I moved here. We're surrounded on all sides by extremely harsh conditions. It's beautiful and ridiculous, like an installation piece made of tissue, or ice. It sounds a constant tone for me, deep and quiet.

lisa said...

dan guy: Bare feet on clover is good for your brain and soul. Good move.

lisa said...

catwrangler: Thank you! Between the kids, the land sailing and the art, I think we'll come up with a good project.
definitely check back in

spacedlaw said...

Those little on-lookers are cute.

lisa said...

spacedlaw: I agree! Human and Poppet both.