Sunday, May 25, 2008

Some Very, Very New Lisa Work and A Very Very Short Story


Flight Risk

All the Days We Didn't


Brave New Soup

For which Greg Carere has written a short, short piece you can read on The Two Minutes Project.

Tomorrow we're taking a day off. It was ridiculously hot, then cold and rainy and now we're walking around in our bikinis and sarongs.

On Tuesday, more work will be listed in the Poppet Store. I'm awaiting a package from Neil the Gaiman containing a dead Queen, a jar of honey and whatever other bits he sends me to put together into something entirely weird for the CBLDF.
We are nearly officially bugged out and intend to stay buggy for the rest of the week, possibly the summer.

Now it's Sunday evening and Orion and I have plans to watch Bee Movie


ravyn said...

Today is the last day of Balticon, and after tomorrow i'll put up a few POT photos with Connie Willis and John Jude Palencar :-)

ravyn said...

Psssssssst! "Flight Risk" = LUV

Carl V. Anderson said...

These are all so great! Flight risk makes me think of a group of Poppets in hiding.

All the Days We Didn't is just fantastic and reminds me of some of the early work of yours that I saw in Spectrum volumes long before I "knew" you.