Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I've just completed another 12+ hour studio day. Yesterday, the high outside was around 115, I haven't heard for today, but it was windy and mostly like standing in front of a giant blow dryer. I'm dirty, my eyes are irritated, my feet are dry and cracked and my brain says "No" and "uh-uh" and "lalalalalalalalala."

It's a short list I want now, which has nothing to do with working on it and starts with a shower and good music.

hope you have a good night too...


K said...

115! Eeek!

Shower sounds good. I hope you managed to cool down somehow.

Rubius said...

I love how the word 'recreation' is just 're' and 'creation'... I think or recreation as time spent re-creating yourself in the form of someone happier/more relaxed/less stressed.

lisa said...

K: the shower is very often my
'think tank'

rubius: that's EXACTLY it. We must feed our brains, hearts and souls in order to make good art.