Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Air and Water = Bubbles and Poppets On Video

It's true, the only perfect thing is light, but air and water are way up there, at least on this planet, and for everything that lives here.

Once in awhile, schedules be damned, your artist takes a step sideways to make something from unfamiliar clay.

I believe these exercises expand us in unexpected ways.

We, like Poppets, are larger inside than out and, in those vast spaces, connected to one another.

Creative tangents appear suddenly and without warning; explore. Each invitation is unique and urgent and conditional: now or never

This time I jumped in and took Ravyn with me.

I took some footage of Poppet Diving and sent it to Ravyn, who was pulled in visually by the bubbles, and a spontaneous collaborative process began.

We ended up with two little slices of the creative life I write about here--- a closer look.

We had fun collaborating and hope you enjoy the images and music.

You saw Day on the previous blog entry.
Here is Windy Night Poppet Diving and (for dial-up) this version on YouTube.


Dan Guy said...

Yay for spontaneous collaboration!

I am unable to access the video from work, alas, due to poppetplanet being blackholed in our firewall -- they must have heard I was a mod. ^_^

Rubius said...

You are so right, Lisa. Spontaneous creative outbursts are one of the most precious and illusive gifts that the world can bring you.

Yay for fantastic aquatic poppet adventures. That was fantastic. I just love the poppet diving. I hadn't heard any of that music before either and quite enjoyed it.

lisa said...

dan guy: Then I'll be interested to hear what you think when you do see them.

rubius: Thank you. Always great to hear from you!!! For me, the art is so much about the process. To get out of my element (air) and use a different medium (the camera) is refreshing, and actually this kind of breaking away leads me to making better sculpture.

Anonymous said...

The nightime video is stunning! My son and I loved watching. Well done.

lisa said...

Thanks Mim. Orion and I had a great time. He discovered laughing underwater. There's nothing else like that.

K said...


I am going on holiday this week and will be swimming. Not outdoors, but you can't have everything.

Can't wait to be back in the water.