Friday, June 22, 2007

Dreams of Poppets and Midsummer's Nick Bottoms

SATURDAY UPDATE- Will be listing pieces today and tomorrow, so check in for new stuff!

I didn't dream the same dream again. Only twice this one. I did dream of a strange house, that was or was not ours. We couldn't decide. Really, it seems to be the same dream, just different symbols. And, I finally dreamt of Poppets. I was paving my grandmother's boat dock with them. Red ones. My grandmother has been gone for many years, and when she was alive, she didn't have a boat. But she would've loved Poppets.


I awoke early, about 7:15, to a computer that had crashed in the night and would require a four-hour reboot. Gurtie was yowling at me as I fumbled at opening her food and the house painters, who had somehow gotten mixed- up orders and were here four days early, were knocking on the door. Still in my pj's I opened it, discovering I'd managed to get cat food juice in my hair and that I was still holding the kettle, as though that would somehow keep me connected to the hope and possibility of coffee. I noticed the neighbor's cat pooping in my caladiums, and Fed X bringing boxes I'd put.....where?

It's a GOOD DAY.
It's a good day when nothing bad happens. All this stuff is just stuff. After all, if it's not one thing, it's another.
It's a good idea to understand the difference between a good day and a bad day.

So, once again the art and life are mixed up in these rooms and halls. I seem to be getting no better at at preventing this chaos, but better at not letting it make me crazy. Possibly I'm working that sort of stress out in my dreams now, with strange cocktail parties and paving things with Poppets.

That said, I did make some Summer Solstice Poppets. The work ended up not so much being about the sun, but about A Midsummer Night's Dream. And, not because of Shakespeare--though I highly recommend reading the play if you haven' t--but because I listened to Mendelssohn. Once I did, there was nothing more to do than to let Poppets play Oberon, Titania, Puck and Nick Bottoms too.

Poppets like Mendelssohn, it seems.

Anyway. I'll get them listed tomorrow, along with more Little Blue Poppets and Little Red Poppets, of course. Likely I'll be adding more pieces for a day or two as we get them photographed. I hope you like them. Check back in. Links will be up.
In the meantime, Ravyn has updated the Poppet Registry. And don't forget to visit the forums--there's always something interesting going on there. And our Cafe Press Shops are always open.

So, the pool is full of debris, all around us things are draped in plastic and Orion is asking, "What is all this mess?!" The gallery opens tomorrow and I'm soooo not ready. But here we are, the stars are shining and the midsummer air, even in the most mundane of messes, carries its soft magic. I have but to be quiet to hear it.
I know what a bad day is. And this day wasn't it. Hope yours was good too.


Rubius said...

Yeah Little Blues... the're back the're back!!! Happy Day Kallooo Callay.... Little Blue is here to stay!!!

I love your Midsummer Poppets. They are simply grand.

Paving with poppets... there is deep symbolism there. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Midsummer's Night Dream was the first "live" play I saw on stage in San Francisco. How can any day be bad when poppets are in your world. You just HAVE to smile back.

Georgiana said...

These are wonderful! I can't decide if I love the Alice or Midsummer poppets best.

Cameron, my youngest, who you met last year at Balticon in your brain decorating workshop did Midsummer this year at his school. He played Egeus. His Puck and his Bottom were brilliant. It was very much a fun show.

Loved seeing you at Balticon, all my best.

Dan Guy said...

Love it! I spent the summer before my senior year in high school in Oxford and saw 30-40 different productions of MND; I love it.