Sunday, June 10, 2007

Just keep swimming...enough with the multitasking...collaborating

My earliest introduction to the art of multitasking would have to be watching my mother prepare holiday dinners. Wow. That woman was efficient. A dozen or more dishes timed to emerge magically, arriving on the table at the same moment, each at the peak of its 'done-ness'.

Later it was in the laboratory, with labeled timers ticking all around for adding this reagent or that, starting a centrifuge or taking readings. With practice, it becomes almost automatic, even for this human.

In the studio at any given moment there can be glue setting, castings curing and paper mache drying, clothes in the washer, water boiling in the kettle and me dry-brushing a panel while working out a paragraph in my head.

But not always.

Some things must be done simply, with no distractions, and with every bit of my attention, like listening to Gorecki's 3rd, or watching the stars come out, or making a piece of art.

And some time must be devoted to just being . Swimming falls into that category.

Find what your just being things are, and take time to be. Trust me on this one.

There have been periods in my life when I didn't direct my attention to one thing.
This way is better. I got that from my mother too, though I "got it" years later. I can see her on the beach, sitting in the sand, looking out at the water and smiling. Sometimes, she just was.


Writing this, I recall making the poppet diving videos with Orion and Ravyn. (and, of course, Poppets) We started it on a complete whim, with no planning or preparation, and it turned into this really fun collaboration (aka, really hard work with laughing.) We agreed we both learned a lot from the experience and decided to delve into it on the Poppet Planet forums so we could tell you more about it and talk about the whole concept of artistic collaboration----especially the spontaneous sort.

Hope you'll join us here for "Collaboration Happens."


The Gallery will be open on June 23 for Summer Solstice. There will be more Alice in Wonderland Poppets and in the spirit of the season some visitors from "A Midsummer Night's Dream."


And now, of course, swimming. Go and be.


Anonymous said...

"Find what your just being things are, and take time to be. Trust me on this one."

I'm learning how to do this. Slowly. It's odd how guilty I feel when I try.

Dan Guy said...

That is quite an arresting image.

lisa said...

Quixotic: I understand. Where exactly do we learn this guilt?
If our purpose on Earth is to live our lives, surely we shouldn't feel guilty about living them well.

Dan guy: It's a still Ravyn snatched from the end of the night diving video

Carl V. Anderson said...

Great picture! I agree that some stuff definitely needs to be done simply. If only it were easy to keep the simple and the chaotic moments balanced perfectly...therein lies happiness, I have no doubt.

Guilt is an amazingly annoying thing. I realize it serves a purpose, if, say, I were wanting to go out and murder someone, or steal their lunch money or something. But guilt over enjoying oneself, over living, over having quiet moments, over not doing every single thing right or perfect...what purpose does guilt serve in that? That is the kind of guilt we need to fight with a ignoring it and just having a helluva good time living.

Dan Guy said...
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Dan Guy said...

I draw the distinction along semantic lines, Carl:

guilt: bad
remorse: good

Carl V. Anderson said...

I agree, Dan. And I'd take it a step further and say:

Guilt: bad
Remorse: good
Regrets: HORRIBLE!