Tuesday, August 16, 2005

There's Something About Ravyn...Part Two

It actually took a mutual friend, Laura (aka the rat called Vanda) to point out that, well, Ravyn is indeed, a Rat.
Thanks, Laura.
Said Rat (Artist's Proof #1) is now on its way to Ravyn, (as a gift from Laura) with #2 to Laura (as a gift from me.)

You probably can't see from the photos that her shirt says "I'm Blogging You."

I like this Ravyn Rat. I think she captures a side of Ravyn only a few see---usually just before an untimely demise.

She is, after all, slightly evil.


Anonymous said...

Slightly??? On what frickin' measuring stick is she "slightly" evil??? Sheesh!

lisa said...

Why, on SATAN'S frickin' measuring stick. DUHHHHH!

Anonymous said...

I give. I give. You win.

vandaluna said...

It's HER!!!
It looks exactly like her!!!
'Cept for the sponge bob boxers. ;-)
:::hysterical laughter:::

Carl V. Anderson said...

Awesome! Looks just like the pics above. Very well done!

Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

That's hilarious :P

ravyn said...

::tap tap:: Is this on?


i'd like to thank the Academy, my parents who instilled in me their values, my loving husband who has stood by me all this time, and of course Vanda, who recognized my true nature....

None of this would have been possible without YOU--

::ravyn is forcibly dragged offstage::


Thank you both!

K said...

"Slightly evil". Hmm, yes, officer, that sounds like the woman/rat I met.

She tried to lure me into going to Baltimore... should I worry that an untimely demise is waiting for me there? Is is an attempt at revenge for dragging her up and down a lot of hilly cobbly streets?

(Seriously, though, what a fantastic rat. And if anyone deserves entry to the highly exclusive Snellings Rat Club, it's Ravyn. Congratulations!)

ravyn said...

i'm still trying to lure you...

This time, i'm gonna remind you that staying in America is actually *cheaper* for you than staying in Scotland was for us!

(how'm i doing? hehe)

Also, i hope to get your giftie into the mail tomorrow. i couldn't get near a post office in Glasgow :-(

ravyn said...

Oh, and, K, (and anyone else, hehe), i'm in the process of posting photos and whatnot from the scotland trip on Ravynesque's Journal, so far i've covered everything up to the start of the convention. Whew!

cartoonmayhem said...

That is a nice sculpture. Is that going to be your new picture on LJ?