Monday, August 22, 2005

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson just sent me the link to his updated website. I met him a number of years ago in Atlanta at a DragonCon convention. He and his partner Roland have collected enough of my original works to be considered patrons, actually. Their most recent acquisition is the table (in the Gallery section of my site) called "Communion" and this autumn, I'll be very happily working on a male dark angel to be a companion to their "Relic IV". This is a project I've longed to do, so I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity. I'll be posting photos, including the 'fire' stage, which for me will be the artistic height of the piece.

Looking at Robert's website reminds me again how much I miss making puppets. We made some together several years back and some of them are pictured on the site. Perhaps one day we'll be able to do more. I hope so.

There are A LOT of images on his 2D page as well. Some of which I am wanting for myself. His work has a layered innocence about it. Not quite childlike, but fresh---almost alien? This might be work suitable for a child's room---an extremely smart, advanced child, but I believe it has great appeal for children of all ages. A definite touch of the Dada in there...

I am in studio all day today. Tomorrow too, if I'm lucky. And, to quote Mr. Crabs from one of my favorite and twisted SpongeBob episodes, "The Algae is Always Greener" (I so adore Clancy Brown):
"And the next day. And the next day, and the next day. The next day, and the next day and the next day and the next day and the next day......
and the next day.
And....the next day."

Check out Robert Johnson's site. He is a very cool guy and I think you'll like his stuff.guardianalienstudio art by Robert C Johnson Jr: Atlanta GA

I still have many wedding images to sort through. Maybe I'll enlist the Aubrey Unit to help. In the meantime, I'm posting a photo of Phillip and Briget's wedding cake. See the monkey? Their cake was ringed with "Barrel of Monkey" monkeys painted in a white and silver finish. Lovely

And wedding faeries from Ben and Shelby's wedding, who looked quite at home among the apple trees.

While I'm on the subject of wedding anti-traditions...Did I ever mention that the Neil Gaiman sent a mime to our wedding? Oh yes. He did.
Actually, Kevin was adorable. I'm pretty sure I have a photo of him at the reception, dancing the night away with my father-in-law.

I spent the whole day in the studio, giving her a good cleaning and listening to Pink Floyd. Ahhhhh..
And also, spent some time sorting through images for one to send to the amazing and wonderful Gene Wolfe, who will then write us a story about whatever image I choose. The story will be available at Balticon 40
Sometimes this job is okay.


Derek Ash said...

Wasn't sure if you were familiar with the work of Scott Radke, another accomplished puppet maker. His pieces are melancholy, gothic, and grotesque in the classic dictionary definitions of those terms. Some pieces have the saddest sense of innocence to them while other have a real sense of malevolence. Think you (and those who read your blog) would really like him if you don't already. Be sure to check out the livejournal and the marrionettes areas.
Scott Radke's Marionettes

Anonymous said...

Everyone should have a silent clown at their wedding...


Carl V. Anderson said...

From the sound of things it looks like things are going much better for you at the moment and I'm very happy for you. Lots of exciting things seem to be in the works.

I really like Radke's stuff as well, RRNN, somewhat creepy which is perhaps the reason I like them.

ravyn said...

Admit it, Boss -- sometimes this job KICKS ASS :-D

jordan's mom said...

Ooooohhhhhh. A new Gene Wolfe story, based on a Lisa image. At Balticon 40, which will be "The" event of the new millenium.........

Very Cool.

A wedding mime. How odd. How Neil.

Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

Oh yes Scott Radke makes awesome puppets and dolls! Two of his marionettes are hangin over me right now :)

Derek Ash said...

I need to see a picture of this wedding Mime. Somehow, someday.