Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Blogger Rat, Flyers and then some

I was looking at the Rat I made for Ravyn. It doesn't actually represent any type of person, as neither does Ravyn, but I do see something in there in the attitude. When I looked at her without thinking of Ravyn, I was struck with an inexplicable unease. Then I realized where it came from. She has the attitude of an art show director. I knew I'd seen that look. Artist's know it. We experience it early on , before learning how not to accidently encroach on a convention director's control space, that invisible bubble of death. The look can also be earned by asking a question that's posted (even in Klingon) anywhere near the art desk.
Hmm. She's smart, and on the outside at least, a little scary.

I'm thinking of adding her to the RatBag collection, slightly modified, as Blogger Rat. Maybe. I could put a more generic design on the computer, or even take special orders and customize it a bit.
Just thinking... your thoughts?RavynRat

TINY STORIES. Here is a printable version of a flyer for the project for anyone willing to tack one up somewhere I'd be interested in hearing about where you put them. We'll see what happens. Thanks to all who've mentioned it on their sites. You're so very cool.

I should probably think about taking a break from watching the news. Sometimes we have to do this. We're here, snug in our home, only minor stuff going on, and still I can manage to create a black hole for myself to crawl into. Damned brain chemistry. I have no excuse. Sometimes we hates the Lisa, preciousssss. I must get myself into the studio and work it out. It's the thing to do. Already Ben is getting into the spirit of the Halloween season. I could do worse than follow him.


jordan's mom said...

Did Ben eat Orion?

Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

Spit him out right now Ben!

I like the idea of the Ravyn rat/ blogger. She's very cute and one can never have too many ratties!

Mister Croup said...

I like the idea of the blogger rat, and the customized one is a cool idea too. I would order one, ok not right away but eventually I would.

lisa said...

From Ben: "ummmmmm, babyback, babyback, babyback ribs...."