Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Our neighbors, possibly, think we’ve broken through. (to the other side). We’re out every night lately, hanging lights and such. Tonight it’s The Decembers, Neutral Milk Hotel and Chemical Brothers. We’re hanging dozens of extremely thin ribbons to blow in the breezes.

And lots of lights. Everything is white----it is surreal. I like it. My son will like it too, and I would wager, his fiancé will as well. I will get photos on Sat.

It’s nice out----a cool 85 or so, compared to the 100’s of last week. My son is getting married. Wow.

I’m sitting out under a canopy we built of pvc and crochet tablecloths. It’s is a sort of very elegant camouflage netting. The little twinkle lights are up, I’m sitting at a patio table with my feet up having a Dead Guy Ale. Very good micro brew.
Pete and Orion are splashing around in the pool, which is back to blue, but still not crystal clear. It is recovering from a sudden onslaught of algae from last week’s very weird rainy weather.

Our friend Karen just called to say she’s stopping by with a frame she found, abandoned at the curb of her neighbor. She guesses it’s from the thirties. I think it will eventually hold an angel. She’s usually pretty good about identifying these things. Her grandfather was a dentist. After he passed away, she gave us one of his drills from the twenties. One day I shall make something with it. For now, it sits by our front door. It is actually a very cool-looking, sort of praying-mantis-like thing.

We like it there. If a stranger comes to our door, he sees it and wonders who the hell lives here. Usually, he decides not to ring the bell…

It’s nice out here. If I had to pick a moment I didn’t want to end, I think it might be this one. Writing here in the breeze of the fan, listening to my guys in the pool, anticipating the marriage of my first child, from way back when I was a child too…

Please forgive my lack of writing. Summer is hell. A wedding though, is a good thing. These two stuck it out for two years in Korea. Then a year in Arizona. Now they are getting married in the heart of old Palm Springs. As I said, it is surreal.


Night swimming


K said...

Your yard sounds magical... no surprise there. And you sound remarkably chilled. Maybe you're not chilled at all, but you sound that way.

Looking forward to seeing the pictures when they happen - I'm sure Aubrey will get some great ones!

And a new angel (even if not for quite a while) is always good news. I never used to realise how much of making art is finding a slot of time to do it in...

Anonymous said...

I love your posts, they're always worth waiting for.

When I was a kid, we lived in Poway, and I fell madly in love with Anza Borrego. I still have fantasies of living there, though now that I've adjusted to the cooler temperatures of the Pacific Northwest, I know I'd be miserable in the heat. Your recent posts about the intense heat have given me a sense of that surreality you've experienced. I really appreciate reading about it.

And I can't say it often enough, I love your angels. One day I hope to have you make one for me.

Miss Bliss said...

Blessings on the upcoming wedding. It all sounds beautiful and filled with spirit and love. Looking forward to the photos.