Friday, August 26, 2005

Three for One

Head sorted. About time too. It was getting a little scary in there. This afternoon we helped our neighbor tear down lattice work that has created a very non-desert backyard for over 25 years. It was a lot of lattice, about twelve feet high and full of very old dust. Oddly, I felt better afterwards. Pete tore down and I cleared and Orion wandered round with a broom and a cup of ice.
It was 113 today, or there abouts.

I still have about 300 puppet hats to paint and then will finish photographing new works to show you.

I found two photos of Kevin-the-mime whom the Neil sent. I tried to find a website for Kevin but was unsuccessful. Perhaps he doesn't do mime/clown work anymore. And it seemed only right to include a photo that included the groom as well.

We swam to clean all the dust off. Now I'm in the mood to eat a whole bag of Cheetos, but alas, a salad would be better, with enough dressing to drown a moose.

TINY STORIES---I'm going to print up a flyer with the website and info to post at the local college. Hmm. Was thinking of some little sculptural gift to give readers who did the same.
Back to that later.


Carl V. Anderson said...

You're wedding ensemble was quite beautiful and you both make a handsome couple...the mime? I'll stop shivering soon...I hope.

Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

Hey Lisa,

Email me the flyer and I will print out some to put up at Dragon*Con which is next weekend!

Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

I also meant to say you and Pete look very beautiful. The wedding mime is quite odd.

ivenotime said...

Hey, I can put up a flyer or two at the college I work at, and send one to my twins to put up at their school. Too bad I don't teach writing, I think that would make an excellent class asg. Pics are great, looked like a fun and beautiful wedding.

bwhawk said...

Wow, the wedding pictures look lovely. The mime looks odd, but fun. I wanted to say, I also can post flyers up around the college campus where I am enrolled, and possibly can get some more people to send in submissions. It would be another great avenue to get the word out...

Derek Ash said...

The next time I ask you to post a picture of a mime ANYWHERE please ignore me.

I'm sure he was much less menacing in person (probably very cute and fun), and that the sentiment on Neil's part was much more heart felt.

But damn.

And as for fliers, I'd be happy to put some up at the lab where I work (it is very much a campus, with several hundred people working there, all of whom are stifled creative-types, I'm just sure of it...)

And unless you have some sort of age-limitation (I could certainly understand if you did) my wife could circulate a few at the highschool where she works.

But you certainly don't have to bribe me. I feel almost feel insulted and dirty.

What sort of gift?

jordan's mom said...

Seeing as how the two themes seem to be oddly intertwined here, perhaps your small sculpture "gift" to folks who go above and beyond on the "Tiny Stories" promotional project could be a miniature version of the Wedding Mime........

Craig Steffen said...
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Craig Steffen said...

First of all, I think it's awesome that Neil sent a mime to your wedding. Definitely not something that would prompt "A mime? But Aunt Etna is bringing one too!". :-)

In my high school theater class, we had a unit on mime, and it was by far the highlight of the semester (although admittedly I didn't like the regular teacher much). It was taught by the people that became discovery mime theater in Vermillion, South Dakota.

I work at the University of Illinois. I would be quite happy to hit the campus with posters, flyers, and that sort of thing.

Thanks for all the great writing! Sincerely,

Craig Steffen

(P.S.: I deleted my earlier post because I wanted to revise it slightly, but apparently blogger doesn't allow that, so I re-wrote it instead.)

Derek Ash said...

Okay, since I dropped the link about Scott Radke before, I'll drop this one now, since he designed one of his marionettes after this tres cool mime theater troupe.

KAPOOT Clown Theater