Friday, August 05, 2005


For those who hear voices---do yours seem louder when you're brushing your teeth?

Hello, which is the program I use to post photos to this journal, went funny last week and refuses to initialize, even after several attempts to reinstall it. I have now a backlog of work to show you. Ravyn, who would normally step in and rescue me from being imageless, is in Glasgow for the World Science Fiction Convention. If we don't have something up and running before her return, she will post photos from her lair in the East.

I have been working like a fiend, to try to keep focused through the worst of Summer Hell. And, yes---I made some toys. And a piece of furniture.

It's weird and stormy outside, so I think I'll go out in it.



jordan's mom said...

"It was a Weird and Stormy Night...."

While you're working hard creating toys and other wonders, you might want to let folks know that, over at, The "Tiny Story" submission deadline has been extended from 5 August to 10 October. So we all have a bit more time to hone our writing skills and send in those stories...

Derek Ash said...

Perhaps you have a radio-wave-receiving filling that is stimulated by brushing?

Do the voices tell you what to do and/or analyze your life, or do they give you soccer scores in Espanol?