Saturday, February 12, 2005

Strange Attraction---one answer for lots of emails

I've received tons of emails about Strange Attraction since the entry about it a few nights ago. I had the publisher address the question, to answer everybody at once. Here it is:

From Vincent Harper, Bereshith ---

Like any good Ferris wheel, Strange Attraction is something that shouldn't be stopped. It's been five years since the publication, yet the stories and book are as fresh as if they were just published yesterday. It makes my heart glad that Lisa has once again decided to ride the Wheel, and I'm there beside her. For the record, there are still copies of all editions of Strange Attraction available. Yes, even the deluxe, statue-included edition (which I find hard to believe). This is a true collector's item, and the attention to all details, from stories, to binding, to case, to coin, to sculpture, truly show the feelings we all felt (and feel) about Lisa's artwork.If you have not procured your own copy, I really can't stress enough the experience you're missing. If you are interested in owning a copy, please check out the Strange Attraction section at dearly hope to see you all at the carnival...we'll save a seat on the Wheel for you!

There you go. I shall be back tonight.

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Carl V. Anderson said...

Thanks again for the clarification. I hope this results in increased sales and a reconsideration of the trade paperback version.