Thursday, February 03, 2005

Food, sort of

I just realized that I haven't eaten anything for hours. I've been working on Lost and Found today, which, unrelated to that, has been a rotten, rotten day. I need food, and quiet, and something to read. Harlan Ellison makes me work, a little, but oh, is he ever worth it. He is rainbow trout stuffed with pecans and mushrooms, cooked in a shanty yards from the river--complex and potentially dangerous. Stephen King is mashed potatoes with gravy, perfect homemade gravy. Both are brilliant. I keep thinking about that passage in Stephen King's Storm of the Century:
"This is a cash and carry world. You pay as you go. Sometimes it's a little, mostly it's a lot and once in awhile, it's everything you've got."

So, okay, things are not good, but they could be worse...

I'm really looking forward to telling you more about Lost and Found. I can't now, but I will soon. I'm here, working with all these varied elements. I know that they belong here, but how? I look at them from a reductionist point of view. I know these elements, I created them, I understand them, therefore I understand the whole piece.
Of course that doesn't work. The ordering matters. You can know everything there is to know about the ingredients, but that doesn't describe the cake. It's the dynamic.

I've had the journal going for a couple of weeks now. I want to thank Neil Gaiman and Caitlin Kiernan and Tom Abba for sending many, many people over, and all you live journalists who keep connecting everything together. And Ravyn, webmaster genius and saint, somewhere, under the evil. It's the dynamic.
And lastly, for Dr. Abba, his students, and the police: I found that I like the hot chocolate better with the little dried marshmallows on the side. They taste like Lucky Charms.


Gregg P. said...

Just wanted to say hi, and to thank you for starting a journal! You probably don't remember me, but we met several times, years ago, at Dragon*Con in Atlanta (I'm a tall blonde guy, and am friends with an Asian guy named Kevin who had a really cool stuffed Totoro that you liked). Haven't seen you in years, but whenever I look at the harlequin mask, votive candle holder, and small mirror I purchased form you they make me smile.

Anyway, I ADORE your work, and will certianly be purchasing some of those fantastic RatBag figures soon (Neil! Poe! Lovecraft! FANTASTIC!!!). I'm going to add some links to your site to my own journal -- hopefully it will get you some additional traffic. Keep up the great work, and I hope you'll be attending the World Fantasy Convention here in Austin, TX in 2006 -- I'd love to see some of your work in person again!

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

stephen king is mashed potatoes? yummy i LOVE mashed potatoes and yet i haven't had them in a while. now i am really in the mood. i was going to make an account but since i'm only going to post on your site i'm not sure i feel like it (it seems like they're going to give me a site, kinda). anyway, Yeah! Mashed Potatoes. -bridget