Saturday, February 19, 2005

Jump to the left, with beer

I'm still caught in the madness that is me, in studio, with the proverbial bee in my bonnet. The 'bee' being at the moment, a connection to "Lost and Found", which I have been neglecting, mostly due to lack of said connection.
I am sleeping in naps, and just woke from one and in that moment of dullness just after waking tried some of Aubrey's beloved soy milk. I tell her it's nasty and tastes like soybeans. She says soybeans are delicious. I say they are not when they are pretending to be milk.

I'm forced to take a much-needed break tonight, but I can guarantee my mind will wander, amidst the Irish-inspired happy ruckus of Windy's birthday revelry at Flahertys---unless Jake is there, beside whose madness mine slinks away in shame. Jake has an interesting brain, that presents itself oddly when soaked in alcohol. He can be mad enough to jaunt naked down a street at midnight, yet sane enough, somewhere, to wait at the crossing light, jogging in place, parts dangling, whilst causing chaos amongst drivers of all sorts.
In a sense, bringing us together for the moment.

I shall tell you anything about it there is to tell.

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Cedar Waxwing said...

Looks like you had a good time and well deserved break.

You changed photos since I looked earlier!