Wednesday, February 02, 2005

"Broken record" and "give out"

I caught just a snippit of a blog yesterday where someone speculated that the expression 'broken record' would be obsolete in a short number of years. Don't count on it. "You sound like a broken record"means you're repeating yourself, because that's what cracked records---the hard ones, before floppy vinyl ones---did. The needle would jump over the crack back into the same groove, over and over, repeating, repeating, repeating.
I hear people use ancient sayings all the time without knowing what they mean or where they came from. Case in point: "Saved by the bell". I'm not writing it tonight because I am
"give out." Look it up---it's a fun one.

I've been creating for weeks now. Time to put something back in. I'm empty and too tired to tell the difference between depression and exhaustion.
Eating, reading, sleeping, a bit.


Ben said...

it's weird when you hear someone allude to something you read yourself, and to realize their reading habits are so similar.

like, for instance, caitlin kiernan's journal. :-)

lisa said...

Hi Ben,

Thanks! That was caitlin's, eh? I just sent Caitlin a gift a few minutes. We, you and I, have good taste in reading.

best to you