Monday, February 14, 2005

Clown Balloons

Clown Balloons, pencil on illustration board 2000 [If you can't see this image, email me and I'll send you a jpeg]

The only thing that makes me want to gag more than what sheep do to St. Valentine's Day is what sheep do to Easter. The cheap lace, the candy, the pink, pink, pink. Fluffy bunnies, fake sentiments, sugary store displays guilting us into buying ugly plastic and plush crap for all the wrong reasons. Here's a nice monochrome to cleanse the pallette. I created this drawing to illustrate a really good Phil Brucato story for a collection that sadly never came to be. For details, contact Phil or Alan M. Clark . Every time I look at this drawing I so want to draw with pencils. It's so neat---not messy like sculpting. I'm going to have some prints made today. Ravyn wants one. If you didn't know this, she does all this brilliant work for the website in exchange for art. Maybe I'll have several prints made, send them out at Easter....
Ahh...I love everything about drawing with pencils---the mechanics, the process, the smell, the squashy erasers and the satisfaction when I'm done. I want more, dammit.
I'm staying in today. Tomorrow all that unbought shit will be there for 75% off!!!
For what? I dread to meet the people who buy that crap, after the holiday. Shudder.
But in a couple of days it will be gone, replaced by St. Patrick's Day stuff. At least St. Paddy doesn't goad us into buying gifts. We can mostly ignore the plastic shamrocks and go have a fucking drink.


ravyn said...

Ahhh, St. Paddy's day, have a drink. now *there's* an honest holiday!

But let me tell you about a good thing i discovered about Easter. Jolly Ranchers now makes jelly beans for Easter -- YUM! MUCH tastier than their gummy candies, IMO. Oh, that and Peeps... One of the cool things about Balticon moving from Easter weekend to Memorial Day weekend is, you can get your peeps at Easter, and they'll be stale enough to eat by Balticon!

Yeah, it's all about the candy for me, but you know what.... life is uncertain, so eat dessert first!

And yeah, where is my print, boss?

Anonymous said...

The picture is very cool. Took me a second there to figure out the perspective, and then when it clicked it was slightly creepy and very pretty.

I find it’s best to take all the mush surrounding Valentines Day with a pinch of salt. My discovery of this this year made me smile, and actually think it might be a pretty cool valentine. Then again, that’s me and my morbid sense of humour.

Carl V. Anderson said...

You may have already seen this because its been around for a few years, but I find it a funny alternative to the regular Val's Day card drivel.

Anonymous said...

looooove it!

your visions are wonderful!

be well!