Saturday, February 05, 2005

HEY LITTLE BUCCAROOS Part 3 conclusion

Hey guys. I was going to wait until tomorrow to post the last installment of the NG story, officially titled:
First Incident Concerning The Influence Of Neil, nearly. (about half if you're following me)

I decided that I want to talk about something tomorrow, that can't wait until Monday. Maybe eventually I'll know why---maybe you'll tell me---but for now I just know.

Part III

"Your wishes? " The viola voice said
I glanced at Neil. His eyes were closed.
"Sometime this century, please. " Said the viola voice.
"OH!!" I gawked at the cat. Hmmm…

I wished.

The cat pulled a coin from a pocket in his fur and flipped it to me. It landed at my feet.
Now I stared at the coin, attempting to connect this with my wish.
‘"You got my wish." Neil Gaiman said.
"How do you know? "
" Because that", he pointed to the coin, "is plainly my wish"
Now I gawked at Neil Gaiman. He wore a black Stetson, a long black duster, black boots with spurs and the biggest belt buckle I’d ever seen. He took off the hat, spat, and put it back on. And said, "For fuck’s sake, what did you wish?"

"I wished to be a cowboy."

"WHAT?! You wasted a perfectly good wish on--on being a cowboy?! Are you mad? Just how many chances do you get to have a wish granted?"

"How many chances do I get to be a cowboy?"

Neil’s coin lay on the ground at my feet. It had a figure on it, a clown sort of thing. I picked it up and stashed it in my purse.
"So, what did you wish for then? I asked.
"The sculpture," he said.
"Oh, really? You blew your wish on a sculpture? Just how many wishes do you get?"
"A few.," he tipped up his hat with a finger, "that’s my cat."
There was no sign of the harlequin cat.
We walked back the way we’d come. Cowboy Neil was obviously trying to figure out what got crossed up and I couldn’t get to the bar fast enough. We exchanged numbers and hugs.
"Promise we never do this again?" I said into his ear.
"Okay" he said in mine.
I headed to the banquet and Cowboy Neil walked off toward a waiting SUNSET CAB, spurs jingling.
"Adios, Cowboy!" I said
"Vaya con dias" called Cowboy Neil, over his shoulder, in my Southern drawl.
That fairly well sums up my first Neil Gaiman encounter.
Now I know who he is.

That cat of his.
Explains a lot.

It's Saturday. Be careful out there, among the crazies...



Anonymous said...

I love it. I think it's great!

--Andrea Blythe.

Jason Erik Lundberg said...

Excellent excellent story, Lisa. And I really like the idea of Cowboy Neil. :)