Thursday, February 03, 2005

Lost and Found is a sculpture I did for an upcoming book project by the same name.(I'm pretty sure I've mentioned earlier in the journal). It is a mix of sculpture, painting, kinetics (a couple of the figures "do things") and photography. The sculpture reflects(well, I hope it does) the nature of the whole project, In that the book will approach one subject from many different angles using many media. Posted by Hello


Carl V. Anderson said...

That's wonderful! Can't wait to see the book. Any idea on when this will be available?

lisa said...

Well, I must admit it's waiting for me. I have David's (David Niall Wilson) stories, and most of Neil's stories ready. There is some non-fiction in there as well. I'm starting to put together the art. In other words, I can't say, just that I'm working on it more now than earlier and I'll keep you up to date.

Kate said...

I love it.
It's so reminiscent of Cornell's shadow boxes.