Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This train brakes for burnout

Stealing from Homer (the other Homer) 'all work and no play makes Lisa somethin', somethin'."

Gurtie and I watched some television today, because I'm a bit burned out and my right arm is warning me to take a break or else.

I'm actually not that good at taking breaks.

Some people who know me would claim this as an understatement of a monumental sort.

Anyway. This is mostly how Gurtie looked. I didn't do a lot better.
But my brain still works fine, and I'm seeing more and even stranger birds and figured out a kinetic bit I've been mulling over.

Alieve, and sleep and hopefully tomorrow I'll be in my apron again.

I'm hearing it's cold all about. Here, it's 40's at night and low 70's during the day.

I should be outside enjoying it. I can see the deck chairs from here. But out there, I think way too much. Break time means distraction, so I don't think. I'll let you know how that works out.

Less coffee today. more milk.

Hope your Thursday is good.


ravyn said...

Rez, baby, Rez!

hehe. i took a break myself and worked on Balticon stuff today. Oh wait, that's not really a break... nevvamind...

Hmm i have a couple of things to discuss with you. Email or ping me please :-)

Carl V. Anderson said...

Here's to learning how to take breaks and learning to enjoy them for what they are. I hope it is a truly restful and recharging one.

Anonymous said...

You need to distract the waking bit of your brain to allow the rest of it to figure things out while you're not paying attention to it.

We've got lots of cold up here - probably enough to ship you some and have it arrive still cold. The digital thermometer on the porch railing was at minus 22F this morning; we'll be lucky to get close to zero during the day.

lisa said...

Ravyn :Rez would be a great break for my brain---i love getting in the zone---but not such a good idea for my hands--gotta rest the 'main' finger!

Will catch up on Balticon and travel stuff soon. give me a couple more days and ping me.

Carl V: You said it. It's easy for some, a real challenge for others. And it takes both kinds and all in between to keep the wheels turning

DavidK: well said. and I agree. I trust other levels of consciousness. I've figured out some pretty interesting things while not quite awake.

wow! definitely hot chocolate weather. stay safe

good WV: ouror

ravyn said...

Lisa - Adrienne is posting a fantastic account of her "Embarrassed Embassy" Poppet project here on the forums. Good reading, i encourage everyone to have a look!

spacedlaw said...

Take a break before it takes you.
In particular take care of your hands as they are your tool!

Ed said...

I know what you mean m'Lady.
Another day, some good friends of mine told me: "You need to take a break." and I said, "Ok, I'll try very hard to rest.". They shook their heads sadly.

But we have to, or else we burn up in our own Warp Core.

Here, our weather is changing. The heat is rising, but now the killing rain subsided, and the merciful rain started. Seems like a good summer, or so I hope.

Best regards to all.

-- "Inside the tri-crystalline chamber, Amanda revolves gently around herself like a unborn baby, or a little meatish planet. Valkyrie is downloading all the ship's data to her know, and she knows that she'll wake up in a couple of days. Until them let the dioryf crystals to their good job maintaining her endothelial integrity."

WV - dioryf.