Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pink. Sort of.

No need to talk about the inauguration. We're all watching, waiting, hoping.

No need to talk about change. Change comes on its own, when we least expect it.

No need to talk about love. It's all been said and better.

Poppet will speak for me, as usual.

Thank goodness for Poppet, watching over us, silly humans.


spacedlaw said...

Plenty of chocolates will be needed for sure, whatever might come (or rather: not come, in the context)
Lovely poppet though.

Drinne said...

I have an extremely complicated relationship with Valentines day, Not for the nice dramatic love and labour lost reason's either . . . .

Joe decided to fix the complicated problem by proposing on February 14th and declaring it "Anniversary of Adrienne Committing Optimism" Day. I think he calls it something slightly differnt - or maybe not.

In any case it is still an appropriate occasion for chocolate. And still complicated, but sweet.

I love the Anti -Valentine, and agree that even without Valentine's Day we still all need chocolate.

BTW - I watched the inauguration with a Little Red Poppet on my computer, taking to heart the advice that watching the news is not the same if you watch with a poppet.

spacedlaw said...

Looking at those little xs for eyes, I am thinking about buttons. I think a little poppet at home will play with the "button your eyes" toy tonight...

spacedlaw said...

Aussitôt dit, aussitôt fait:
The OTHER BeePoppet