Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quick and Important Note

I got an email from Jonathan (thanks Jonathan!) reminding me that tomorrow's David Letterman Show will air the edited-out routine that Bill Hicks taped for the October 9, 1993 show.

You may or not know I'm a fan (scroll down the sidebar--between Falling Down and Neil's Poppet Oracular Oracle). Like everyone else, I've never seen the edited routine, so can't really vouch for it. But I can vouch for Bill Hicks because, despite the fact that sometimes he went to places that made me grimace in discomfort, his work has influenced my work and my personal philosophy.

My appreciation for his work is constant and unshakable. If you watch this routine and don't see whatever it is you imagine I'm referring to, dig a little deeper. You'll see that this guy tried to help us, silly humans.

my mood? inspired. I'm off to the studio, with steaming coffee cup in hand and apron strings trailing behind.



Drinne said...

Hi Lisa,

For those who did not get to see it on televsion you can view it on the internet here:
it includes part of Letterman's talking with Mary Hicks.

I was very impressed at the end when Letterman takes full responsibility for the censorship - "What was I thinking, it says more about me than anything about him". I read that some people thought he would blame it on CBS but he didn't, he looked right at Mary Hicks and apologized.

Brave for both of them. At least I think so.

Drinne said...

Just a quick warning - they will force you to watch a commercial first.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I finally got a chance to see it. It would have been great to see him in person. Comedy is one of those things that always has more impact when directly experienced.


WV: stlysta - St. Lysta was the patron saint of out-of-plumb people

Ed said...

Thanks a lot Drinne! A lot!
My cable service is down and here it's quite tough.

And Lady Lisa, I'll try and spread the word here in the Brazillian Savannah. Anyway I can.

Oh, and WV: asersol. -- Be sure to buy Asersol-based sprays from now on! It's great for the environment and it naturally repels mosquitos! YES! Asersol-based hair-sprays turns you into a mosquito-repelling titan!

Ed said...

Well, Veoh is no longer avaiable in Brasil. I'll try to find it somewhere else...

But thanks anyway

ivenotime said...

thanks for the links - will be my treat to watch after i get done with work. Hi Lisa, re: previous post, you've outdone yourself, cool,cool,cool, just love your new work-the bell jars are amazing. Glad to see so many wonderful new things from you and your studio cohorts, hope life has been treating you and yours well.