Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year, New Palette, New Universe and a Few Old Souls

Poppet has been a-wandering.
To places elsewhere and elsewhen.

Things are different in other places.

Little Red Poppet is different here, and known as The Extraordinary Doctor Poppet.

A bit of a bend in the light here. A bit of a hard edge. A place of copper, and clouds and crows, steam powered animals and singing brains.

And here, Poppets are more than watchers. Poppets are engineers. Mad engineers.

Poppet met up with Rebecca's Mad Gastronomer , and a couple of Strange Old Birds.

And some old friends too.

This is a Strange place indeed. Poppet promises to send lots of photos. I promise to share them with you.


Stacey said...

Wow. just wow. And oooh, I just read Strange Birds last night! Fabulous stories, creepy too, with goosebumps.

lisa said...

Thanks Stacey. 2008 pretty much sucked the galactic weenie. I'm glad enough to be moving on.
I'll tell Gene! He'll be very pleased.

Peta said...

They are just gorgeous. The river and helium ones you have up on your eBay store at the moment are so very, very tempting...

mordicai said...

Ha, fab. I had a pretty good 2008-- got married, got a new job. Life = sorted out. Which is good, since that is the sort of thing I don't pay much attention to myself.

Also, if I had any artistic skill I would be inspired to try to mod a poppet, too.

lisa said...

Peta--Thanks. It's true, sometimes I want to keep all the little buggers for myself.

mordicai: That's good to know. I'm sure lots of people had a good 2008. I sometimes believe we all have the same curriculum to complete, just at different times.
congrats on your sorting---you should have an even better 2009

Lord Daecabhir said...

Magic... I sense magic. The kind of magic that imbues something "extra" to the well-oiled machine. Hard edged metal becomes "fuzzy", and pistons and cranks and arms move in ways that seem just a bit outside the range of movement defined by the construction of those parts. For any technology, if it is advanced or cool enough, blurs the line between the mechanical and the magical.

The Mad Gastronomer indeed. One wonders if his rodent companion plays the role of Ratatouie or future ingredient. Bork! Bork! Bork!

lisa said...

Daecabhir, Lord of the Leaping Shadows: well stated indeed. Like knives painted in flesh tones, and fingers with steel rivets. That's where this artist's head is, the music I'm hearing.

Neon said...

Oh my god Lisa we are so on the same wave length right now!! I have been doing some steam punk research to make some related art work this year including having a re-read of the very excellent 'The Difference Engine'.
I had a creeping feeling in the back of my mind that poppets were explorers of a by gone and yet never before seen age and here they are!
I bloody LOVE them!!

Drinne said...

OK- once a very long time ago my mad engineer/physicist friends kept me around for mad engineer/physicist reasons.

While they were doing that they defined something we called the TMC factor (TMC=Too Many Coincidences). I believe that the increase in TMC was one of the reasons they kept me around.

You posted these individuals on the very day I completed reading the Sandman Trades. Of course I haven't read them previously. Yes, I'm sorry I haven't read Sandman until now. Poppets always seem to show up at the time they're supposed to . . .

The Poppets are treading very close to previously record TMC levels at our house.

I no longer hang with Mad Engineers, but I may be raising one. I seem to be swaying towards Mad Neuroscientists. They're mostly mad about funding. Maybe they need a Poppet?

jordan's mom said...

Ok, so the one on the bottom, with the Dark that who I think it is?

First a rat. Now a poppet. Is there no end to the madness??

ravyn said...

Jordan's Mom -- i suppose there could be a foppet......

ravyn said...

Uh... perhaps a Robo-Panda-Foppet

Anonymous said...

Neon and Drinne: TMC. It's weird how people seem to connect without trying. Leonard Schlain touches on this in 'Art and Physics.' Creative types tend to reflect the world not only as it is, but as it will be.
That said, hmmm. Should be be slightly worried or slightly comforted? I'm glad you like the work, and am happy to be in good company.

The WV is 'tesses.' What mght mordicai or David K do with that one?

Anonymous said...

Jordan's Mom: If there is an end, I haven't seen a hint of it.
Yes, of course it's who you think. He stands on three books, and he's chosen his titles. I hope to get photos up tomorrow.

Ravyn: like the pouches you're working on (see them on Nuts and Bolts on the forums). We could use a steampunk foppet, for sure.
WV: tylistie: why do I keep getting these cutsie WV

Ed said...

"And then, when Poppet dived into the first Difference Engine, many worlds were born."
Difference Engine makes me think about Magical Lanterns. I recommend Sebastian O strongly for everyone that, like myself, is a big fan of steamtech.

Oh, m'Lady, it's all fantastic.

Poppet is having a dream of Dream?

Ed said...

"Tesses should have worried more about the Mechanoids. She relied too much in the Neo-coils but they didn't amplified the ambaric power efficiently. Maybe the SteamSpiders will sort out a way to improve them. But she's quite safe right know, but will have to wait quietly while they pass by, and she's sure it will take quite some time. She draws a big breath, and slowly pushes her mind into Calculation Mode. The councilors at Mizinfe will have to wait."

mine was mizinfe this time

and I felt the steamy mood

spacedlaw said...

Dream poppet is wonderful!