Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Moe, Larry...

So. It's true that the studio work has been flowing freely. That finally I'm getting back to work on long-delayed projects. That soon I'll be visiting the Mr. Gaiman to work on Strange Machines (The Neil Poppet will present himself tomorrow, I'm told.) It's also true that the American Visionary Art Museum has taken possession of the first five of the Dark Caravan kinetic Pieces---and that the reality of that exhibit has begun to well, be real.

But don't get any delusions of grandeur. I'm not. Yesterday I brushed my teeth, but not my hair, not once. All of us have had colds in turn, the house looks like the studio has taken over in some mad scientist anarchy. The studio looks like the house has taken over in some strange mad, household kind of anarchy. We are looking more and more like the crew of the Nebucadnezzar.

A mountain of laundry looms reproachfully, growing more wrinkled by the hour.

I gained a couple of holiday pounds and have been eating fruit when I want sweets, and pickles or salad when I want salty. How that's working is like this---I want some CHEESE! sheesh

So. Life is life and art is art and still sometimes it's impossible to separate them.

So...why would I?

Hope you're having a good night and will have a good tomorrow.


spacedlaw said...

Aaaah, cheese. the ultimate opium.
Nice little green cuties.

Benton Warren said...

Yep, sure, you-betcha! Its good to be working and making wonderfully weird contraptions again. The year end madness of 2008 was a morass that is slowly receding in the distance and good riddence to it! Hope everyone else enjoys the coming ride to Wonderful.


Carl V. Anderson said...

I'm certainly excited about the Dark Caravan news. Very excited!!!

And I'm excited to see the Neil Poppet as well. I'm loving the onslaught of creativity coming out of the studio. Whenever I come over here and see new editions I get a huge smile. All of this stuff is great.

Anonymous said...

Soon, The Extraordinary Doctor Poppet and The Exceptionally Curious Professor Green will be mine! Bwahahahahaha!

Or...something... At any rate, 2009 is definitely off to an exceptionally (heh) cool and wondrous start, Poppet Planet- and Strange Studios-wise--I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next!

lisa said...

spacedlaw: indeed. cheese... apply directly to the hips...

Benton: we're off to a good start. good to be in the studio again

Thanks Carl! I can always count on you for momentum when I slow, or a gentle kick when I stop.

Syd: spoken like a mad poppet! The studio shelves are filled with nearly finished work, waiting for the artist to find her way back.
thank you!

Ed said...

Congratulations on the AVAM news, m'Lady. As Carl V. said, it's certainly very exciting. I hope I will be able to see it personally someday.

And I agree with Syd about 2009. Many good signs, I think.

Oh, and Poppet will be finally visiting Brazil now (don't know if this is really new, but it's new to me). We'll be sending some feedback together, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Love the steampunk motif on the poppets. The Strange Birds group is also wonderful - a very Jeeves and Wooster stuffy-uncle aristocrat feel to them. Simply wonderful.