Friday, January 09, 2009


Poppet pretends to be Neil Gaiman.

The Poppet pretending to be Neil stands contemplatively--as a Poppet pretending to be Neil would---and
being a Poppet,

Early Batman comics
Dr. Who and the Daleks by David Whitaker
Journey to the West.

The original sculpted Poppet Plays Neil is offered for auction to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.


The first five of the numbered limited edition of 100 Poppet Plays Neil can be found in the Poppet Store on Ebay. Each is meticulously hand painted by Lisa on a hand- cast, hand - finished poppet sculpture with a certificate that says so.

AND many new Poppets and other works from Strange Studios and Strange Too.

It's a new year. A new palette. Now we are making art, for sure.

As I type I hear the Snuggie commercial for the 2111th time. Does it annoy me that Snuggie makes everyone look like Poppets? Or does it amuse me? Does it matter?
Not really. It sort of annoys me because Snuggie is terribly un-cool. (though I hear, quite warm) It sort of delights me that we could all have Poppet costumes quite easily.....

I'm getting a bunch of ideas...
a dozen or so Grinchy ones and one sort of sweet. That works.


Dan Guy said...

Ha! I love it.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Yay!!! How cool is that?!?! The books really do it for me, I love the way they turned out and am fascinated by the ones you chose.

Ed said...

Fascinating indeed!

Drinne said...

So I had to look up Snuggies online because I never heard of them and saw their website.

Does this mean that Snuggie users are
People in Fake Robes?

lisa said...

Dan Guy: thought you would

Carl V: actually Neil chose them.

lisa said...

ravyn: could you put the photo of the thought bubble on the "Anti Snowball" forum? might be fun to play with.

ravyn said...

lisa - LOL Poppets, let's play!

lisa said...

Drinne: evil, evil snuggie! how dare they fake poppet robes

cmw said...

I had to look up Snuggies, but I'd seen the commercial -- for people who can't cope with a blanket.

PS Poppet "Professor Green" reminds me of my daughter when she was just a lil kiddo. I don't know if that's weird, cool or scary.

Ed said...

Oh my.

I had to look it up too. We doesn't have anything similar here in Brazil. Yet. As everything of the Empire (I'm sorry but it's the truth) it will find it's way down here as well.

I think of what Howard P. L. would have to say about that.

Or Goomi. It make me think about Nyarly's choice of Cultist Robe of the Year.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Oh really? That is way cool as well. The choices are all very fun.

Anonymous said...

i love my Snuggie... it comes in handy on days i want to dress like a pink Jedi