Monday, December 10, 2007

Cinnamon Reindeer Games

Ravyn sent me this Reindeer-costumed Foppet. Cinnamon Poppet makes a near-perfect playmate, so I paired the two to wrap up the holiday sale. Please forgive me for adding it on late, but it is so cute I couldn't bear to let it sit until next year. (Though I could've been persuaded to keep them for myself.)

It's Monday, and the last two weeks have seemed to be made up of 48 hour days and not much sleep.

It's like that during the holidays. The business is, well, busy. The museum project deadline is upon me and others, including the Strange Roads cover.

And this weekend Alison and Logan visited, Orion's best buddy Sophia had her birthday party...

it goes on and on. All of them good things, like loads of happy, healthy kids running around the Discovery Museum, sweet baby kisses and shopping for gifts online.

And yes, packing Poppets with notes to collectors.

Still, it's A LOT of good things.

So last night became one of those nights when I kept waking, thinking of lists and deadlines and worrying about things I could control and things I couldn't.

Trying to convince myself that I'm more 'enlightened' than the exhausted, stress-out human tossing in her covers didn't help a lot.

Even my favorite pillow seemed to be working against me.

So I found myself sort of lost in a blizzard of loose thoughts, stumbling much like the Poppets from my header, toward a vague light ahead where things can be sorted out with clearer vision.

Today I'm not so lost. It took a step back, a cup of coffee, watching a geek-humor-laden Simpsons episode with Pete and appreciating a view of the snow on the mountains. I know a good life when I see it, stresses and ow-my-back included.

I don't have to be superwoman today. I'll be happy to be a person who gets the day's orders shipped out and the plants watered.

Wish you all safe passage and hot chocolate in the winter weather.


K said...

There is something about that pairing. (Maybe because I have a longstanding thing for moose.) I can't afford them, but I'm sure they'll go to a good home!

(One of my red Poppets has befriended the small red camel that lives on top of our TV.)

Logan is so gorgeous...

(By the way, this rambling mess is a few weeks' worth of comments, as for some reason I haven't been able to see your new posts. But all seems OK now...)

Carl V. Anderson said...

What a fantastic foppet. They do look good together!

Your thoughts on life are always encouraging to me and I am so appreciative that you care enough and are open enough to share them with us. I always walk away from these posts feeling more connected, more focused and more motivated to both accomplish things I want to accomplish and to live and enjoy life each and every day regardless of what that day holds. Thank you so very much.

lisa said...

K: I like it when Poppets interact with other 'life forms'! Orion likes surprising me by putting Poppets in interesting places...
and thank you. Logan adds a whole new dimension. Seeing Alison grow into a competent, loving parent is beyond words.

Carl: Thank you. That brings me much happiness.

ravyn said...

K, Carl, thank you! Foppets love to dress up as much as poppets do, and i'm having a great time "assisting" them :-D

Dan Guy said...

Cuuuuute baby! I want to nuzzle those cheeks!