Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Honestly I've not done much more than paint and pack and send rats to lots of people. As Neil posted the "Rat Sale" on his journal, we received many, many more orders than we'd expected and are very happy to have each and every one! We have money for materials, I'm enjoying the great satisfaction of sending some support to the CBLDF, and more people have rats in their houses. Yay! Everybody wins. I've also met some really nice, very cool people. One such is Amity Brown, who took her Neil Rat to a signing last week in Texas and was nice enough to write to tell me that Neil was delighted to see the little fellow, and to send photos.

She's posted more here:

Anyway, I hope to have all the ratties done by the end of the weekend so that I'll be starting the "scary something' as October begins. Hopefully, this will help bring the Halloween spirit to us here in the desert. I'll certainly keep you posted as we experience October, our favorite time of the year.


Dr Molly Black: The Philosophical Epicurian said...

meeting neil was great, but through it i've met you (as well as other artists) and that makes reading his journal fantastic. now i've added your feed to my "friend's page" on lj too ... yay!

Carl V. Anderson said...

Those are great pics on her site. Glad you posted them. It gave me warm fuzzy memories about the signing we went to last week. In the brief time I was able to speak to him he said (of you Lisa) "she really is wonderful, isn't she?"...I, of course, agreed. The two of you have a very special place in my heart because I too discovered you through Neil's work (Smoke and Mirrors) and am so glad I did!

2 more days until October!!! I can't wait!!! I've had my blog entries for October planned for a few months now and we are decorating this weekend! I will be sending ghosty October vibes your way!