Saturday, September 24, 2005

You Are Here

The photo (below) is a small portion of a work in progress called, well, "You Are Here". It is actually going to be a desk with a glass top suspended over approximately 650 puppet figures looking upward and the one lone one looking at the graffiti on the ground. I'll give you the full story when I post photos of the finished piece. I still have the legs to finish, after doing my duty to the rats...

This house has been struck with a bug that brings fever and headache, mostly, then after about 24 hours leaves one feeling spongy and disoriented. It's like time traveling, without the time travel. Yay.
I think the worst thing about being sick is that I don't feel like doing much else, so I end up watching lots of news, which is enough to make me sick, even when I'm well.

Ben and I have just finished the most complex mold we've ever made. It is of the hanging jester from "Luck Be Nimble, Love Be Quick" , which belongs to Neil, who will be glad to know the original is perfectly fine. There are lots of pictures of the original in the journal if you care to search for them.

Off to sleep now, or at least rest. So to be back later, with more stuff.



Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

You all out there, quit being sick right now!!

Anonymous said...


Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

I think she means the You are here puppets from the post on the 18th :)

K said...

650! Goodness me.

I loved your line about "time travelling without the time travel". Actually it's the perfect way to describe the effects of three nights of insomnia, which I was suffering yesterday (eight hours last night, though). I wouldn't wish that on anybody. Hope you are all better soon.

Don't know if Blogger'll let me post a link, but I was browsing through some cartoons at Speedysnail and thought you might like this one:

Scottish K

Anonymous said...

It appears that Blogger does not list entries in the sidebar that do not have a title, so I didn't see it. Backing out to the main page helped.

Anonymous said...

I got my rats today! I did a little dance and carried all three of them around all day to show people.
It was particularly nice to get my Neil rat today, since I just bought and read all of Anansi Boys last night.
One day, I shall be able to afford more pretties from you.

Carl V. Anderson said...

I really hope you and yours are feeling better.