Sunday, September 18, 2005

You Are Here... Posted by Picasa


Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

Thanks for this picture! I've been wondering where I was for weeks ;)

K said...

Really? I thought that was me... wandering vaguely around in the crowd.

And that's definitely my red hat.
(Scottish K)

Dok Holocaust said...

Chibithulhu remembers this nightmare. It scared the ectoplasm out of him, and he has been transmitting it to his hapless acolytes ever since. He calls it "The One With The Mimes." This is why there are so many Lovecraft fans in France.

Derek Ash said...

Sweet Christ! Who knew!? Mimes and Old Ones and France! Three of the world's greatest evils combined.

And that's not actually me there. I'm a few puppets over and down, in the midst of the gaggle. But I can see where you'd have me confused with that other chap.

We're dressed similarly.