Thursday, September 01, 2005

Little Fortuna

You ask her a question and spin the star on top. Where she lands is your answer: Yes, No, Maybe, Likely or Not Likely.

She is a very nice toy, I think, and she has two faces and two puppets---one facing up for 'yes' and the other down for 'no'. The star has the answers engraved on its edges.

Little Fortuna is 14 inches tall, with the star knob. I'm going to put her on the website and try to find her a home. She is starting to get a little dusty.

We spent a lot of the day working on the Dark Caravan fortune teller. I'm taking photos along the way. And, if you'll remind me I'll tell you a small story about "Don't Ask Jack".

I am taking a mental break. Going with Pete to see "40 year old Virgin" or something like that with Steve Corell, who I think is generally very funny.

Funny would be a good thing.


Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

That's just awesome Lisa!

Derek Ash said...

I used to be obsessed with random-answer divination games. I programmed one in higschool using BASIC and named her Madam Diva
(I don't think I really understood wahat 'diva' meant at the time, and thought it was mysterious sounding. Apparently it has something to do with Elton John.)
The mysterious Madam Diva would consult over a dozen different (fictional) oracular sources (dove's entrails, tea leaves, crystals, tossed chicken bones, tarot, ouija, dice, and even a magic eight ball were all inclided in my flavor texts... my programming teacher was a bit creeped.) I've never been able to get her up and working again since, as I don't have BASIC anymore, and even if I did I don't have any idea how to use it (or any other programming language) anymore. But she was always terrifyingly accurate in her answers. She predicted to a tee in the most eerie way that I would fall in love with my wife, and never answered personal questions about my friends incorrectly. I was vastly impressed with myself, and was always convinced it was some sort of latent technomancy talent on my part.

And so should you be.

Fear me, Gurtie.

I still put together little collections of numbered cards that are chosen based on the roll of a die, etc. But nothing has ever worked as well as ol' Madam Diva.

I'd really like to see this Little Fortuna, but the pictures seem to be down currently.