Friday, September 09, 2005


Yes, it's true. I'm having a sale. It's time.

I want to make something scary. You want me to make something scary

I need materials. You need rats.

Here's your chance to get the Neil Gaiman Rat at a really good price.
Here's your chance to get the H. P. Lovecraft Rat at a really good price.
Here's your chance to get the E. A. Poe Rat at a really good price.
Here's your chance to get the Harlan Ellison Rat at a really good price.

Here's your chance to get any of the other rats you need to fill in (or start) your collection at a really shameful price.

So, for two weeks, before I regain my sanity or tire of painting rats, whichever comes first, you may get any of the limited edition author rats for $25.00 each and any of the open edition rats for $15 each.

Ben is going to shoot me.

Pick your rats from here:
RATBAG Pay via Paypal to or send a check to me at SlaughterHouse Studios 4741 E. Palm Canyon Drive, PMB C-115 Palm Springs CA 92264

Shameless, yes. But I explained my situation to Harlan and he said it is perfectly okay to be shameless.

Oh---and even at this price the CBLDF will benefit a little too

and shipping is $5.00 for up to five rats. $7.00 Canada $11.00 overseas

All this until September 23rd. Then it goes away until next year.

Did I mention that Ratbag Rats make really cool presents?

Ok. That's about as shameless as I can get. Harlan will be pleased. Jane will be pleased.

Ben will shoot me.


Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

Hey what ever happened to
this little one?

I gots me all dem rats :P

I'm trying to think who else I can gift with a passle of ratties, but most of friends already have several too hehe

lisa said...

heh. Not to worry, m'dear. I'm cooking up a couple of new ones for the Halloween season.

And the Little One is here, fine as can be. Hmmm. I must ask Ravyn add her to the website soon...

Jason Erik Lundberg said...

This is a wonderful sale, Lisa, and I'll be passing along the info on my blog.

Carl V. Anderson said...

gnnlGreat prices, I'm very excited!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thanks for the ratties! I have a rotating passle of ratties named after famous characters, (IE Basil Ratbone, Eddie G Rattingson)
Also you have chosen my fav. authors to ratplicate .. sorry replicate... Look its 4:51 A.M. ... anyways, I don't have enough money to get one but I wanted to tell you they are appreciated!

Dok Holocaust said...

Chibithulhu will buy the Lovecraft rat.