Friday, June 03, 2005

Heather FaerieStar - One Hundred Words

No introductions necessary for my cat, there is fur, its striped. Normally kitty spends his days eating, sleeping, purring...simple. One fairly boring afternoon, sweet tabby happens upon a cozy blanket...perfect napping zone. Paws begin to gently knead, slumber follows...bringing awake-like dreams where he finds an adventurous winged faerie friend. This laughing mischievous creature toys with whisker boy, First buzzing about velvety ears expecting quick giggling when little lion hands miss--skilled escape artist. Soon our pair settle down, whispering secrets of love and life. Listening, remembering the hunter wakes, finds warm lap, curls up.

Xander Wiggins III
Heather Faeriestar


Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

Wow and I thought this story was cute when I first read it! Pair it with that picture and it redefines cute :)

A round of applause for Lisa's pictures is in order. What an excellent job!

Clap clap. Clap clap clap. Cheer!

lisa said...

Thanks! I'd originally planned to play around with a photo of my late striped tabby, Paddy. But I'd read the author's notes about this being her first foray into writing and suddenly thought that it would be more fun to twist this one toward the cat's point of view.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, i love the pic you chose for my story. Exactly the sweet, mischeviousness of the faerie i envisioned.