Friday, June 24, 2005

Space for Survival, Part II

Wow---Shame on me. Damn, that just about puts me in 'Trust No One' mode. Thanks for the additional information. (Thanks, Lucy, for providing the link!)

So, for everybody. Read the article hereUrban Legends Reference Pages: Crime (Triangle of Life)
At this moment, I remain convinced the safest place in our house is in Orion's massive bed.

I'll say this----when the ground is shaking there's no sense of security, false or otherwise.

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vandaluna said...

Hey, I can't really blame ya for thinking that one might have some credence. What really bugs me is when people pass along emails (especially ones which promote scare tactics and fear) which are not valid. I always send the scopes link back to them. Hopefully people will check things like that in the future before disseminating fear. One of the lowest things people/corporations can do is to pray on people's fears. The most deplorable commercials are the ones which use fear to promote their products. I NEVER buy products from companies that do that. Pet peeve. :-)

Hope all's well in your world, Lisa, and that you had a nice solstice/full moon.