Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Where is she????

I'm off painting rats and thinking. Mostly I'm thinking and painting rats on the side. Eventually, I'll find a way to put into words what I can only see for now as images in my head.
Damned left-brained linear language!

If I manage to do that, I will post it later tonight. If I don't, I'll put up some photos of new toys.

Also, I've exchanged a number of emails with the Podrasky unit. We are cooking up a new call for stories and planning something extremely cool to do with them-----at the very least a really weird little chapbook, at best a very interesting hardcover book. More on that later.

Ahh, my coffee has perked. Keep doing what you do, my lovelies...

1 comment:

K said...

We're prepared to be reasonable. After all, if we don't let you go away and think and make things, how can we clamour for pictures of them? :)

Looking forward to hearing about the challenge!