Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Pete Clark - One Hundred Words

Imagine vast landscapes expanding before uncontaminated, civilized neural pathways. Unfamiliar memes triggering horrific immersions in scale gone excruciatingly awry. Distance… purpose…identity.. sentience… exposed as baryonic shadows played upon quantum walls, formerly Totality, by flames ignited at Time Zero. Forces which hover just below the surface of humanity’s gestalt watering hole where everyone’s soul monkey stops, catching an all too brief yet absolutely necessary repast from unflinching, atavistic predators that never, ever cease chasing delicious morsels, swinging temptingly, piƱatas stuffed with guilt smelling suspiciously like cheesecake, whiskey and timidity. We animals must eventually lose, struggling vainly against this enemy, Instinct. Damn .

Lake You
Pete Clark
Lake You

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K said...

"Guilt smelling suspiciously like cheesecake, whiskey and timidity..."

I love that. It's the best sensory metaphor I've seen for ages. It even beats Julie Burchill's assertion that pear drops taste of regret (they're hard British candy that famously smell of nail-polish remover).