Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bob Podrasky - One Hundred Words

“But Dad, why must I learn from making mistakes?”
“Experience, Son,” his father said. “There is nothing like figuring something out for yourself!”
Walking together in their garden, parent lecturing child, they stepped into the warm sunlight.
“When a gardener sows seeds, some fall on rock, where nothing can grow. Others find strong, firm soil.”
He contemplated this notion. Questioning results. Accepting losses, failures. Doing better next time. Seemed sensible, yet…
“So you see, it makes sense.”
“Yes, of course.”
“Tell me then its moral.”
“Discard all textbooks. Ignore warnings and directions. Heed not your teachers. Don’t expect any help.”

Bob Podrasky


Po said...

Wow. Lisa takes us to another level with visual images. It's amazing how a piece of creativity can be alive, then when you put two pieces of creativity side by side to compare/contrast/admire, it can be alive and magical.

K said...

Yes, I was just about to say how much I loved the juxtaposition of image and text for this particular story.

I wish I had seen this in time to enter - well, I will next time.

ravyn said...

Hey don't let a little thing like a soft deadline stop you! i thought i'd be too late for Bob's contest since i didn't even get home til Tuesday, but i gathered up some words anyway and he posted them :-)

Just Do It!

Po said...

Hey K, and everyone else, stay tuned to slaughterhousestudios and fagblog for a new writing exercise soon!