Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 298

I went to sleep at midnight, having stayed awake long enough to put clothes in the dryer and cobble together the bones of another chapter. The moon was bright and round. I wished it a good night.

When the alarm went off at six I hit the snooze and got up anyway. Orion was there beside me, having come in around three. Bad dreams. I waded blearily through a pool of hungry cats to the coffee maker and stepped outside to dispose of the grounds. The moon was bright and round. I wished it a good morning.

I roused Orion with waffles from the toaster and strawberry milk from Nestle. Everyone in my generation knows how to spell 'Nestle.' It's that song. Like the other name my b o l o g n a has.

My heels clicked across the floor. It's a sound I'm getting used to. I've worn stockings more often in the past two months than in the past two years. There's the business of life and the business of art. Both require armour. Sometimes the armour is heels, jewelry and makeup. Remember this one girls-- that makeup isn't about beauty. You're very likely more beautiful without it. Makeup is about power.

I'm off to a PTG meeting at school, but dressed for court, which I'll head to after. The meeting is to plan the October festival. Court is for Pete and me to clean up the mess we made three years ago. It's all good stuff. It all requires energy, and sometimes, heels.

I spritz on a bit of Ralph Lauren, feeling very polished indeed. Not to last overly long--as I'm opening the first can of Flavorful Salmon and Rice, I get a spritz of Flavorful Salmon and Rice juice. Oh good. Now I'm ready to face the world.

I'll be in charge of the photo booth for the festival. Now to decide what sort of image I'll make with holes for fresh little faces. The first ideas to come to mind delight me, but would be sure to make parents unhappy and me no longer welcome at PTG. So to find a balance of sweet and funny. I'll have to leave creepy at home for this one.

In court I had two interesting talks with the DA, who looks distractingly like actor John Hamm. Eye to eye, there was that moment when I knew that he knew that I knew what his concerns really were. We had an understanding. It was a good moment. All in all things went well. We have peace, and two parents choosing the higher road. This is good. Respect can be resurrected from these sorts of efforts.

After was a lovely dinner with my friend Paul. And wine with James Burke explaining how human inventions are connected. He speaks from decades ago, wearing a leisure suit that was in high fashion at the time. His dimples are timeless. Technology allows us this time travel and the programs are as relevant and entertaining as they were then. It's good to feed the brain.

Finally I feed the wild bunch and go outside to enjoy the desert air. The moon is bright and beautiful and I wish it a good night.

That was my Friday. Hope yours was good.


spacedlaw said...

Mine was fairly wild, although it did not include salmon juices. I bet this made you very popular with the kitties.

Stacy Hurt said...

i am interested to learn why you feel that makeup is about power. i am intrigued...

Stacy Hurt said...

ticky box

mordicai said...

I have the Connections book & I have for years; maybe I'll actually read it, soon! Man, that whole situation is hilarious. My last name before I got married was Burke, funfact.