Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 310

Today is another day. Day 310 of the 365. I'm closing in on this year. Encapsulated, it's a colorful gem. You have one too. When I started at Day 1, I didn't know at all what the rest of the days would hold. Some were real surprises. But I'm not done yet. I'm going to see the year through, then there will be something else. I haven't read back through the entries yet. I suspect that will need a glass of wine, or three. Or maybe I'll not try to sum it up other than to say I'm grateful for the experience. That one, I can be sure of. Dark and light, I love life.

No hint of the sun yet. Orion is still sleeping. Bilbo's found a tidbit and is batting it around.

Today is another day. Let's go see what this one's about.

Mine begins with studies of Old Souls.

Hope yours is good.

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yemamaya said...

old souls are whispering. to me too.:)ypeted